The Magic Johnson Foundation, founded by Earvin “Magic” Johnson in 1991, works to
develop programs and support community-based organizations that address the educational,
health and social needs of ethnically diverse, urban communities. It is recognized as a nonprofit
public charity under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

who we are

The Magic Johnson Foundation (MJF) is one of the most recognizable philanthropic organizations in the world. By providing resources, building participation, and inspiring self-sufficiency, MJF is dedicated to its vision of empowering underserved communities.

The overwhelming community response to Earvin “Magic” Johnson’s HIV announcement – in the form of donations and letters of support – was the force that created the organization.

MJF was created to fight HIV/AIDS through grantmaking. Twenty-two years after its formation, the organization has evolved to address other powerful epidemics in urban communities, which include the lack of educational opportunity and the absence of empowerment.

Mr. Johnson serves as Chairman and Founder of the Magic Johnson Foundation. His unwavering commitment to transform urban America continues in the Foundation’s programs, which promote HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, digital literacy, and college access.

what we do

Our Founder’s motto is, “We are the communities we serve”. Mr. Johnson’s charitable activities and business visions are guided by the principle of serving ethnically diverse and socio-economically challenged urban communities. MJF advocates for community-based organizations as well as supports educational empowerment. Our three core programs include:

  •  HIV/AIDS Awareness & Prevention – Since its founding in 1991, the Magic Johnson Foundation has developed and funded programs addressing HIV/AIDS prevention, HIV testing, and effective treatment for persons living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Taylor Michaels Scholarship Program (TMSP) – Named after Magic Johnson Enterprises’ COO who passed away in 1998, TMSP recognizes students with outstanding academic achievement, leadership and commitment to serve their community. The program empowers minority students through financial support, mentorship, and internship opportunities.
  • Community Empowerment Centers (CEC) – CECs help bridge the education gap by providing ethnically diverse urban communities access to resources and programming that educate, empower and strengthen individuals through the innovative use of technology.


MJF has achieved a 3-star rating on Charity Navigator for sound fiscal management and commitment to accountability and transparency. MJF’s audit is conducted in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the US.

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