“It has been 21 years since Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson went public and disclosed his HIV positive status. I’ll never forget that day.   For the past 21 years, I have used Magic as an object lesson in my classroom lectures with youth and young adults. I let them know that Magic is still alive and leading a healthy life because he made the decision to seek immediate medical care, once he discovered he was HIV positive. This still holds true today. You need to know your HIV status and if HIV positive, you need to seek immediate medical care.

With funding from the Magic Johnson Foundation, we were able to purchase our first mobile HIV testing van in 1991. Our mobile van has over 100,000 miles on the odometer and we have tested over 60,000 individuals because of support from the Foundation and Magic’s commitment to community service.

Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson is my hero and it has been a pleasure to work with him and his staff for the past 21 years.”

– Cynthia Davis, MPH / Assistant Professor, Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science

Taylor Michaels Scholarship Program

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work that was put in by you and your team throughout the conference. I am not only excited about completing my junior year at the conference but excited about being more then “PREPARED” for success. It began with the organization and efficiency of the conference from stepping out of the airport. It continued with the mentor by class discussions; the advice from Mr. Shannon A. Brown and the tour provided by FedEx, and ended with the email swapping at the Awards Brunch. I was particularly satisfied with the opportunity to get to know my peers in my class better. I not only learned everyone’s career interest but also their goals and aspirations on their path to get there. It made me realize how much my classmates and I had in common. Thank you for the new friendships and career partners I have made in my class. I was also very impressed with how much my mentor (Mr. Kelvin Johnson of FedEx) and I had in common, and how rapidly he was willing to assist me in my short and long term goals. He and I have discussed ways on keeping in touch throughout the year. 

With the many, many things I took from this conference, one personal item that stuck with me was ‘Follow Through’. I am making the phrase one of my main goals for the upcoming year, and I plan on starting now. Wish me luck. I look forward to many conversations with you throughout the year.”

   -Lalah S. Butler (TMSP 2009), Utica College, Class President (2013)

Community Empowerment Centers

“I’ve started using the computer center when I was six years old.  I am now 15 years old and going to the 10th grade.  I am a student in the MUY program and know that I will have a chance to go to college. Thank you to the Magic Johnson Foundation for giving me and my friends this opportunity.”

– Samantha Lantigua

“We serve a large and diverse population.  We serve the mother, the father, the uncles, the aunts, and the grandparents. A lot of our residents are immigrants who desperately need access to programs and services that will help them fully integrate into school, jobs and life.  We do everything that we can within our power to help them obtain these skills. Our Community Empowerment Center brings our residents closer to the opportunity to achieve the American Dream.”

        – Jackie Rose, Executive Director, Phoenix Park Housing Development, Sacramento

“Our Community Empowerment Center connects us globally through technology which builds our capacity to create more informed and better educated youth leaders in our communities. As our students venture nationwide through college and exchange programs, our MJF Community Empowerment Center insures that our connectivity continues wherever our paths may lead us.”

       – Regina Jackson, Executive Director, East Oakland Youth Development Center, Oakland