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Only 6% of low-income students obtain a four-year degree by age 24




The Taylor Michaels Scholarship Program, founded in 1998, is aptly named after Taylor Michaels, the inspiring Chief Operating Officer for Magic Johnson Enterprises who passed away during that year. Throughout her life, Taylor displayed an intense passion and commitment to youth development. For 15 years, MJF has carried her passion forward via our program.

Each year we select approximately 30 to 35 new scholars who demonstrate a strong potential for academic achievement, but face socioeconomic challenges hindering their full expression. MJF commits to holistically supporting each TMSP Scholar throughout their entire undergraduate career.


Held each summer in Los Angeles, our annual Leadership Conference provides the tools and resources to support the career and character development of our undergraduate scholars. Leadership development is integral to the mission of MJF. The Foundation views leadership as a tool for creating progressive and proactive change within underserved minority communities.

What are the objectives of TMSP?

1. We aim to increase the number of minority college graduates coming from underserved urban environments.
2. Another primary goal is to prepare all students to successfully enter the workforce (or graduate school) upon graduation and grow professionally throughout their careers.
3. We also recently launched a college access initiative to increase the number of underserved minority youth who prepare for careers and matriculate to college.

What constituency of students do we seek to assist?

We seek to assist underserved, socioeconomically challenged minority students from the Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Detroit/Lansing, Chicago, Cleveland and Atlanta metro areas.  Historically, TMSP Scholars are 81% African American, 14% Latino, and 5% Asian / Middle Eastern / Indian.

What criteria are used in selecting the scholarship winners?

We look for leaders who demonstrate a strong commitment to bettering their community, who are motivated to succeed, and who will benefit from our program offerings. Our scholars demonstrate a strong potential for academic achievement, but face socioeconomic challenges hindering their full expression.

We weigh transcripts, essays, student activities (resume), and letters of recommendation in determining who advances through the process to the selection round. We then interview finalists. The seven-member TMSP Steering Committee, alongside the TMSP Manager makes the final determinations.

why support MJF – TMSP?

In short; our holistic support model sets us apart.  We provide the material resources, peer community, encouragement, motivation and counsel the underserved minority youth need to succeed in life and graduate college within four to five years.

To date, we have provided over $3.8M in tuition awards and technology resources to our 423 Scholars. Over 85% have graduated with BA degrees within six years (63% within four years).


• $2,000-5,000 annual tuition assistance-   renewable up to 5 years
• An annual Life Skills Leadership Conference
• Comprehensive Career Development Rubric Curriculum
• Laptop computers, Freshman Year
• 1:1 career, academic, and life skills counseling year-round
• Access to internships and mentors

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